Social life is essential in the Persian community. The people we meet and the traditions shared restore our feeling of being valued and appreciated. This can come through performances of Persian arts, or in the lively surroundings of spice-scented restaurants saturated with boisterous conversations. These places and people are waiting for you. Go whenever you feel the urge. And enjoy.

Farhang Foundation

This Los Angeles-based membership organization sponsors events which immerse people in Iranian art and culture.


Traditional Persian delicacies are served by this classy but comfortable restaurant in Glendale and Sherman Oaks, CA.

Kasra Persian Grill

When you’re in Houston, this is the place for excellent Persian cuisine by master chef Morty Parsa.

Iranian American Society

Many states in the USA have IAS chapters providing valuable community services.

Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans

Members are active in current affairs, and this group is based in Washington, DC.

Ravagh Persian Grill

In New York City the taste of home-cooked Persian food is served at four Ravagh locations. All are family-owned.

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream Shop

Persian ice cream at its best. Saffron pistachio, white rose, lavender, passion fruit and more. In Westwood and Irvine.

And Many Others

Social Strides

The things we do as individuals are multiplied when we get together with others. Whether it is with friends or with a romantic interest, they make us better than we would have been. Shared traditions and experiences can make the bonding easy and natural. And fortunately there are many places where we can expand those circles of friendship which can lead to longer relationships. Trying new places opens up avenues for us that we might not otherwise have experienced. So pick one and go. See who is there to be discovered.

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