If your family left Iran at some time in the past, the possibility of being able to return some day has always been an open window. But in recent years that window has seemed to be closing a little more. Many people still have family members living in Iran that they would love to visit, and spicy home-cooked meals they would really like to taste in the old neighborhoods. But the hard government there has made questionable decisions, and the quality of life has eroded tremendously. Yet for some people, hope springs eternal. It may take more protests, louder than before. But if things did get better, and one could sit at table with distant relatives again, what a marvel that would be.

Beautiful Country

From snow-capped mountains to river-lined valleys and parched deserts, there are picturesque surroundings to relieve the pace of Iran’s bustling cities.

Women’s Rights

Protests in Iran and around the world have called attention to the mistreatment of women after Mahsa Amini was killed by police for improperly wearing her scarf.

Falling Currency

The Iranian rial is now worth only a fraction of what it was ten years ago. For families whose earnings have not gone up much at all, this is a disaster.

2500 Years of History

Cyrus the Great created the Persian empire in 550 BC. Years of greatness and years of troubles have added fascinating details to Iran’s story ever since.

Poets and Philosophers

The writings of Zoroaster, Ferdowsi and other gifted philosophers and poets have shaped Iranian culture in immeasurable ways and added to its richness.

2019 Protests

The angry protests began when out-of-touch politicians raised the price of gasoline by 50%. But that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Nuclear Sanctions

The government’s pursuit of nuclear weapons has been extremely costly for the people of Iran. Negotiations start and stop while people suffer. It’s not right.

Special Holidays

Can you complete this sentence? “You know it’s Nowruz when….” Congratulations, you win the baghlava packed with pistachios and almonds.

And Many Others

Remember Iran

It is good to remember Iran. But it is also good to build a full life wherever you find yourself today. Do this with your family, of course. But also with friends you have known for many years. And with new friends who may understand your traditions and how you see the world. As good things grow and you have children to raise, share with them the things you remember about traditions, food and customs from the old country. Because those things help to keep families together. It is true that the old is always mixed with the new. So be sure to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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