Iranian Americans

Here you discover the latest on intriguing people, places and events in the USA, Iran and around the world


From Andre Agassi and Yara Shahidi to the people in your neighborhood, there are so many people of Iranian heritage who have done exciting things that it is always a pleasure to meet them.


Many social groups, restaurants and local hot spots provide opportunities to enjoy lively conversations, friendship and even intimate getaways with people who understand your world.


Enjoy Persian heritage in movies, TV programs, books and art exhibits. They are all around, if you know where to look. All the way from the one-of-a-kind Shahs of Sunset to serious and beautiful creations.


In this land like no other on earth, centuries of golden imperial history meet today’s bleak realities. Relatives are caught in challenging times, and we follow the critical moments and events that affect their lives.

Iranian Americans

Many things have changed since Iranian expats began surging into the USA after the 1979 revolution in Iran. Over 1.5 million Iranian Americans now live in the USA, with 400,000 more people of Iranian heritage in Canada and that same number in the United Kingdom. Many members of this far-flung community are second-generation, having lived their whole life in America, Canada, the UK or elsewhere. Yet all share the same Iranian heritage which flavors their family with special language, music, food and holidays.

This is a unique world within the larger world, where you see people who share that heritage. These are the places where people meet to socialize, become friends and maybe discover relationships. You find here the individuals, events and things people are talking about. And this group is always growing.

We are working on articles to expand and enrich the many views into this world. So check back sometime and see. In the meantime, sample the delicacies already displayed on this buffet line.

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